1. Discover the rich heritage and values that define Madrasa’s educational philosophy.
  2. Experience the passion and dedication behind Madrasa’s mission to provide quality Islamic education.
  3. Uncover the story behind Madrasa’s founding and the vision that drives its growth.
  4. Learn about the esteemed scholars and experts who contribute to Madrasa’s curriculum.
  5. Explore Madrasa’s commitment to fostering a nurturing and inclusive learning environment.

Department Of Education

  • Arabic

  • Urdu

  • Hifze Quran

  • Qirat

  • Fatwa

  • Maktab

  • English

  • Bengali

Department Of Building

  • Door of Hifz

  • Door of Arabic

  • Door of Qirat

  • Maktab

  • Kutub Khana

  • Guest House

  • Bathroom

  • Dormitory Arabic, Dormitory Urdu, Dormitory Hifz, Dormitory Maktab